Why ‘Dressing the Part’ Matters

If you’ve ever gone to a job interview, the chances are that a friend has told you to “dress the part”. You might think that it’s just to boost your ego, but research has shown that the clothes you wear change the way you perform.

Do you find it hard to study or concentrate when you’re in your loungewear? Do you find that you’re more productive when you get dressed instead of staying in your PJs? If the answer is yes, you’ll find a familiar message in this research. Clothing changes the way we feel – whether or not you care about wearing the latest trends.

At Olga Beach, we believe in the power of dressing the part. Fashion is a reflection of your personality and identity. If you want to kickstart your day on the right foot, it starts with your clothes. We’re sharing everything you need to know about power dressing and how clothing affects your day.

What the research tells us

Research carried out for the Journal of Research in Personality found that people make assumptions based on the shoes that you wear. Your clothes are a way of silently telling the world about yourself – everything from your personality to your social status.

It’s not unusual to see institutions and workplaces having a dress code, often justifying why certain clothing and accessories are encouraged. The 44-page dress code document by UBS, a Swiss bank, suggested that its employees should wear a watch as it suggests “reliability and…punctuality is of great concern to you”.

How you present yourself tells the world a lot about you. Everything from the shoes you choose to the makeup you wear and how you groom yourself. Dress codes are there for a reason, often because they create the image or perception that workplaces want to create.

Why your clothes affect your performance

You might be thinking that changing your clothes won’t improve your performance. Research suggests that the clothes you wear impact how you think. A study by the Association for Psychological Science suggests that dressing professionally in workwear improves your abstract thinking and gives you a broader perspective. Throwing on a blazer can take your creativity from zero to a hundred.

Changing out of your loungewear into a more elevated outfit can shift your thinking and change your perception of yourself.

How to use clothing to improve your productivity

Are you working on a deadline? Do you want to find a way to get yourself into the right headspace? Go through your closet and choose outfits that help you ‘dress the part’. These are the outfits that help you get into the right mindset for work, whether you’re pitching a project to your boss or trying to beat a deadline.

Clothing isn’t just about how other people perceive you, it’s also about how you perceive yourself. Take control of your clothes and slip into an outfit that fits the occasion, whether you’re going for drinks with your girlfriends or hosting a meeting at work.

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