Meet the Most Popular Fabrics

Fashion is about more than just design. We all have a jumper that we love to snuggle up in or a fabric that takes a simple t-shirt to the next level. We’re all guilty of often overlooking fabric when shopping for new clothes. With sustainability being one of the biggest conversations happening in the fashion industry, it’s never been more important to understand different fabrics.

Choosing the right fabric can help you create a functional and transitional closet. Natural fabrics are your best friend if you live in a warmer climate as they’re more breathable, but they don’t easily stretch. By comparison, synthetic fibers are often considered the best choice for colder climates as they offer more insulation and moisture retention.

Not sure where to start with understanding fabrics? Welcome to fabrics 101. We’re sharing everything you need to know about the most popular fabrics.

1. Cotton

One of the most popular fabrics is cotton due to its durability, softness, and breathability. It’s the fabric you’re probably wearing right now. You’ll find cotton used for everything from pajamas to baby clothes and t-shirts. Cotton becomes softer overtime, making it one of our favorite fabrics for everyday clothing.

2. Fleece

Fleece is a popular fabric for colder climates as it helps wick moisture and is durable. This natural fiber typically comes from sheep or goats, making it an ideal investment into your closet. If you want a cheaper alternative, look out for polyester fleece which is usually used for hiking clothing.

3. Rayon

Although a natural fiber, rayon is chemically processed and available in several different grades. It’s one of the most popular choices for womenswear as it creates the illusion of artificial silk. Rayon is a durable fabric and one that is ideal for your workwear and everyday closet.

4. Tri-blends

Tri-blends are one of the most innovative fabrics on the market. It has a 50-25-25 blend of polyester, rayon, and cotton. While it’s more expensive than traditional cotton, you get the benefit of extra softness and more moisture wick. It’s a popular choice for activewear and ideal for your workwear closet.

5. Jersey

If you’re looking for a lightweight fabric that offers a little stretch, jersey is the perfect choice for you. You’ll usually find jersey fabrics used to make sportswear and eveningwear due to their softness and how the fabric drapes on your body. Jersey is a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle too much, making it ideal for packing.

6. Spandex

Do you want a fabric that will pull you in? Spandex will be your best friend. This fabric is typically used in activewear and compression garments, including underwear. You want to make sure you’re caring for your spandex fabric correctly so that it maintains its shape by washing in cold water and air drying.

7. Knit

Knit fabrics are one that you’ll usually find in smaller accessories and garments, such as socks and scarves. Knitwear fabrics are commonly incorporated into cool-weather clothing, including sweater dresses. You can find knit fabrics that are made using natural and synthetic fibers.

The next time you’re shopping, stop and look at the fabric. Understanding different fabrics can help you find the right clothes for you and your lifestyle.