How to Dress to Suit Your Body Type

At Olga Beach, we want you to love the skin you’re in. Dressing for your body type is a way to make you look – and feel – like the best version of yourself. It’s easy to get distracted when shopping for clothes. Not every garment is made to flatter every body type. Understanding your body type – and how to dress according to it – can make your shopping experience more enjoyable and easier to find your next ‘it’ piece.

We’re sharing our guide on how to dress according to your body type, highlighting the four most common body types. Every body type is beautiful. When you understand your body type, it’s easier to find the clothes that will accentuate your natural curves and help you unlock your inner confidence.

What determines your body type

Not everyone knows their body type. As we get older and go through life, our bodies change. When you hit your mid-twenties, you won’t have the same body type you had as a teenager. Your bust, shoulders, waist, and hips determine your overall body type.

While there are four main body types that the fashion industry works around, you might find that you fall between two. Look out for celebrities who have a similar body type to yours to help you determine what category you fall into and how to dress accordingly.

1. Apple body shape

If you’re heavier in the bust area compared to your hips and waist, then you’re an apple-shape. This body type is characterized by broad shoulders and a larger bust, with most of your weight around your stomach.

With an apple body shape, you want to draw attention away from your stomach and towards your strongest features. A V-neck dress is your best friend, while an A-line or empire silhouette is a closet staple. Stay away from figure-hugging shapes.

2. Hourglass body shape

An hourglass body shape is the most balanced and has a well-defined waist. Beyonce will be your style muse if you’re lucky enough to be hourglass. You want to shop for silhouettes that help you accentuate your curves and that cinch in at the waist.

If you want to show off your upper body, look out for v-necklines or invest in a dress with a chain belt for the best of both worlds.

3. Pear body shape

Welcome to the Kardashian category. A pear body shape is all about the lower portion of your body, with your butt and thighs being the most visible parts. With this body type, you can create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

You want to strive for balance with your outfits, whether it’s wide-legged pants and a fitted shirt or skinny jeans and a loose-fitting top. A wide-leg jumpsuit will be your ride or die.

4. Rectangle body shape

Is your silhouette balanced between the shoulders and hips? If you don’t have too much definition to your shape, you’ll likely fall into the ‘rectangle’ body shape. With this body type, you want to bring attention to your arms and legs, taking the eye away from your waist.

A strapless dress is a perfect investment for your closet, while a-line skirts and blazers work for any occasion.

Are you looking for more ideas on how to dress for your body type? Shop the latest arrivals from Olga Beach here.