How Fashion Shapes Who We Are

Fashion is a form of living art. Each piece tells a story that is unique to the wearer. While the designer may have had one story in mind, it changes once the garment is taken off its hanger. Fashion means something unique to each of us. It’s a simple truth that our fashion choices shape who we are and form part of our identity.

From the stores we shop at to the color palettes we wear and the accessories we can’t live without, fashion is a part of our identity. The age-old belief of wearing ‘your heart on your sleeve’ isn’t just a cliché. Our personality defines our fashion choices, in turn shaping our identity.

At Olga Beach, we believe that fashion should be a world without barriers. Fashion is a part of your identity and we’re here to help you become your most authentic self.

What impacts our fashion choices and identity?

Every aspect of our life influences our identity – and our fashion choices. The environment you grow up in, your friends, and your family all play a role in forming who you are.

If you grew up by the beach, you might find an infinity to seashell jewelry. You might have inherited your grandmother’s love of blue, or tartan print might hold a special place in your heart. Every part of your life impacts your fashion choices. If you look in your closet, there’s a reason behind every piece.

The role of gender in fashion choices

There’s no denying that gender plays a role in our fashion choices. As the fashion industry moves towards a more genderless and ‘come as you are’ approach, gender should no longer be a limitation when forming your fashion identity.

Most of us will have been told that there are things we can and can’t wear – whether it was by a family member or friend. Girls are told growing up that pink is ‘their’ color, while blue is for boys. Color isn’t about gender but instead about self-expression. Don’t fall into the girl v. boy box.

Find a color palette that speaks to your personality and identity. You might have a timeless style that helps you gravitate towards classic neutrals like beige and grey. If you have an eccentric personality and are the life of the party, your signature palette is likely made up of pastel and neon shades.

Being true to your individuality

Let your personality shape your fashion choices. It’s easy to get caught up in fashion trends and viral Instagram looks. Your closet is an investment and a way of bringing your personality and identity to life.

When you’re shopping on Olga Beach, look out for the pieces that speak to you. A silver metallic dress to wear on a night out with your girlfriends, or the classic black swimsuit that will motivate you at the gym.

Nothing is more personal than the clothes that you wear. Fashion is a part of your identity and reflects who you are. Bring your personality to life and wear your heart on your sleeve with Olga Beach.